Thursday, December 6, 2012


I read this from the article made by Weiss Ratings

You don’t need every new electronic gadget and you don’t need the biggest house on the block to be content with your life. You need financial stability more. And that means living within your means. It’s okay to want to better your lifestyle, but do it with a strong foundation and not on a credit card.
Don’t spend your money trying to keep up with a lifestyle that may only exist in your imagination. Being realistic with your purchase choices in relation to your income will get you much closer to financial stability.”
Being financially stable means having the ability to deal with unexpected expenses. Everyone needs “mad money.” That’s emergency money to cover things you didn’t budget for. Money you’ll need if you lose your job and have to live without a regular paycheck for a few months.
Stable financial life isn’t glamorous and it won’t have people turning their heads as you drive by in your Porsche or Ferrari. But you’ll sleep a lot better knowing you can buy what you need, weather an emergency and build your retirement nest egg.  And, that’s really “living the life.”

Accomplishments in Life always depend on person on how he works and how serious he is just my 2 cents..

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